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The original 2000 edition of Growing Awareness as a single 412 page textbook  is no longer available.

From 2012 that book has now been divided into a series of separate books.


* Latest updated books from the old (year 2000) Growing Awareness set.

Total price  $27.00

Includes  the latest updated versions of the “Growing Awareness 2000” series.

This now includes:

Book 1 - Understanding Your Inner Selves (updated 2011)

Book 5 - Voice Dialogue Facilitators Guide plus additional notes.(updated 2012)

Book 6 - Growing Relationships  (updated 2012)

Book 9 - Growing Communication (updated 2011)

Book 10 - All other sections from the old 2000 book Growing Awareness (not updated - still the 2000 edition)


Book 2ADIX “Growing Peace and Freedom” For a short time you will also receive the pre-publication edition of a new book 2-ADIX (about some new and effective ways to deal with addictions) Later this year it will go on sale as “Growing Peace and Freedom” for $17.50


* 2012 Inner Child Books A and B (full details on website  

 www.love-your-inner-child.com    )


* Three 2012 Negative Core Belief books, 2A, 2B and 2C. (Full details on website  

 www.core-beliefs-balance-com    )

Total price  $27.00

all sent as pdf files by e-mail.

The content of these updated “Growing Awareness” books are extremely helpful in providing a background understanding of Inner Child work, how Negative Core beliefs affect our lives and much more.

Please note however, that these books were written originally in 2000 and some sections  not yet updated may not cover all of the latest ideas about inner child and core belief work.


Preferred payment is by PayPal

Payments in currencies except in USA dollars or Australian dollars may be 3% - 5% higher because of PayPal conversion charges


E-mail to:

bligh3@growingaware.com  and

1. Confirm your order. Is it for:

(a) Order H - Negative Core Belief set only $14.95


(b) Additional Offer  M - Order H plus Negative Core Belief set plus  Inner Child set Total $17.50


(c) Special Offer Q - Combine Order H Negative Core belief set plus Offer M Inner Child set plus all the Growing Awareness books Total $27.00

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I will send you a PayPal invoice for the amount (very safe and secure and very fast). You can pay through PayPal with any credit card and you do not need to have a PayPal account to use their service. Depending on the time of day you could be reading the books in a few minutes.

But please do NOT attempt to make a PayPal payment until you have received the invoice which will give you the correct account and a special e-mail address for payment (not the address on this book).

3. Start reading the books

Normally it takes about two minutes to complete the PayPal transaction and if this is during business hours (in Australia) I can start sending you the books within the hour.

However, if you are in Australia you may prefer to make a direct deposit to my bank account. Please contact me at bligh3@growingaware.com for Bank account details. This is even faster than PayPal.